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Funnel Your Way to Fun!

Need to start a fresh campaign? Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick, one-off game with a minimum of prep? Either way, DCC RPG’s 0-Level Funnel Adventures are the perfect choice!

What’s a funnel? In true old-school style, Dungeon Crawl Classics is all about letting the dice decide — and our popular funnel adventures showcase that to good effect. In a funnel, each player controls multiple 0-level ‘classless’ characters — peasants, gongfarmers, nobodies of various stripes — and pits them against a wild and unforgiving rollercoaster of an adventure to see which, if any, survive. Should any of these hapless, ill-equipped, and in-over-their-heads would-be adventurers remain standing at the end of the module, then they have truly earned the right to be Level 1 player characters!

This doesn’t just create a fun ‘origin story’ moment for your party, but allows some real surprises in terms of emergent storytelling — maybe a player will find themselves playing a class they’d never considered before with their funnel survivor, maybe a chance encounter during the funnel will set off a future PC’s entire character arc, or maybe you’ll grow so attached to that scrub with the lousy statline that you’ll just find a way to make them work for an entire campaign!

You can easily see every 0-Level Funnel Adventure in our Online Store for DCC and MCC — both those produced by Goodman Games and those from an ever-growing selection of highly creative Third Party designs — simply by clicking on the banner below, which you will also see on the front page of our Online Store.

Browse our full selection and start planning your next gaming session — after all, you can always roll up another stack of gongfarmers!

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