Dungeon Day is Today! Free Adventures and Save 20%!

Special Offers in Honor of Gary Gygax

Today is Dungeon Day — a way to celebrate the legacy of the Father of the RPG, Gary Gygax, by doing some dungeon-crawling! We hope that gamers around the world will join us in doing some gaming today, maybe even running one of the adventures that Gary himself penned in the classic age of D&D.

As part of the celebration, Goodman Games made a few lucky rolls on the treasure tables and is offering a couple of specials as a way of spreading the fun of Dungeon Day.

First, save 20% on almost everything in our online store using code DUNDAY23. Valid this weekend only! Use it to grab your next great dungeon crawl!

Second, get a free adventure module! Choose from the brand new 5E adventure Ambush at Dragon’s Cove, Three Wizard Conundrum (5E), or Danger in the Air (DCC). PDF editions are free, and print editions are also free, though you will have to pay for shipping. Get yours today!

On Dungeon Day, all of us who dungeon delve, disarm tricky traps, break down reinforced doors, slay nests of giant spiders, hurl acid at Gelatinous Cubes, and stuff our belt pouches full of silver, doff our wizard’s caps and tip our great helms in respectful tanks to Gary Gygax’s pioneering development of a whole new form of collaborative storytelling — the RPG.

Check out Dungeon Day’s FREE 5E and DCC modules below, and get adventuring!

Fifth Edition Fantasy: Ambush at Dragon’s Cove


Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! The adventure is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG, and is ready to play in your home campaign!

When a local druidess is called away to tend to a raging forest fire, the heroes are hired to guard a turtle nest among the windswept dunes of a nearby beach. When several dragon turtle wyrmlings emerge from their shells, the heroes need to hatch a plan to escort the precocious dragonlings to the safety of the ocean.

Ambush at Dragon’s Cove is an all-new fifth edition wilderness crawl adventure suitable for a group of four to six 1st level characters. Set on a coast nearby a bustling port, the short adventure can be finished in one session and is easily dropped into an existing campaign setting. This adventure is suitable to introduce new players to the game and for neophyte gamemasters to learn the craft of presenting a series of challenges to eager players.

The cost for this adventure is FREE, but normal shipping charges to apply.

Fifth Edition Fantasy: The Three Wizard Conundrum – Free RPG Day 2022

A level 3 adventure for Fifth Edition

What do adventurers do between adventures? Why, they get themselves involved in more adventures, of course! As your party is winding down in a tavern, word comes that not one, not two, but three mighty wizards are in town, each looking for a band of capable adventurers to retrieve a fabled ring of wizardry. But the task is said to be perilous and what sort of horrible peril could it be, when even such mighty wizards need to enlist the help of adventurers?

Whichever of the three wizards you choose as your patron or even if you try to play them against each other or get a reward from more than one of them your trek will lead you to a place where magic once almost died, in search of a secret hidden from mortal eyes for millennia and for good reason. But the mountain holds some surprises not even the wizards are aware of…

The Three-Wizard Conundrum is a 5E adventure offering plenty of chances for roleplaying and diplomacy for both the players and the DM, as well as ample opportunity for some memorable combat encounters. The module is suitable for a group of 3rd or 4th-level characters and can be easily inserted into almost any ongoing campaign.

This adventure was originally released on Free RPG Day 2022.

The cost for this adventure is FREE, but normal shipping charges to apply.

DCC RPG: Danger in the Air – Free RPG Day 2022

A level 0 funnel for DCC RPG.

A gigantic alien creature drifts in the air high above the homes of simple villagers, its transparent skin rife with wounds. A structure is visible within its great bell-shaped body and the glitter of treasure sparkles beyond a crack in one wall. The creature hangs in the sky—unmoving, as if slain—and a trickle of coins slowly drops from its ravaged body. What other treasures—and terrors—might this strange visitor from elsewhere possess, and who in the village is brave enough to venture within its otherworldly form?

This adventure was originally released on Free RPG Day 2022.

The cost for this adventure is FREE, but normal shipping charges to apply.

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