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Shuddering yet? You will be

The mystery and madness of the mist-shrouded hill country comes alive in our Shudder Mountain adventures — and it’s proven to be a popular setting, as DCC #83: The Chained Coffin is close to selling out! Originally compiled as a boxset, the initial run of DCC #83 sold out years ago and we brought it back as one giant hardcover book and, well, now that compilation is itself close to being gone — so better hurry if you want to grab this edition for some classic adventuring!

But there is even more Shudder Mountain content out there, all written since DCC #83 was published, and all ready to transport your group to the weird and horrifying lands of the Shudder Mountain. Not only do the 2021 Yearbook and the DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack contain Shudder Mountain adventures, but DCC Holiday Module #11 Came the Monsters of Midwinter, is also set in the land of mists and monsters that is Shudder Mountain.

There are lots of ways to answer the call to Shudder Mountain, just click on any of the covers below to check them out in our Online Store. But remember, supplies of The Chained Coffin in hardback are dwindling fast!

As with all our books, PDF copies are always available even when the printed books are out of stock.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #83: The Chained Coffin
Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook #9
DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack
DCC Holiday #11: Came The Monsters of Midwinter

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