Dice … Dice … So Many Dice!

No adventure is complete without dice!

Some may covet pouches of jewels and gemstones, but nothing gets a gamer’s heart pumping like a bag full of dice! And not just any dice, but only those glittering polyhedrals, those multi-sided funky dice alive with swirling color that have been the badge and talisman of the RPGers since the days of legend. The dice must flow!

Dungeon Crawl Classics is built on weird dice, adding a choice few oddball in-betweeners to the classic standard RPG mix to create a dice chain system that allows players and Judges to adjust for a whole sweep of modifiers on the fly, without ever bogging down DCC‘s fast-paced gameplay. The enormous range of dice sets we offer — both our own and those we carry from third party sellers — is a testament to how central dice are to DCC.

The following is a brief guide to the many dice sets you can find in our Online Store, just click any picture to see the product. From simple one-stop-shopping solutions for the starting player to monster big bags of random dice to cover an entire group — and a whole lot of unique designs in between — we’ve got dice sets to cover every need and style.

A great place to start, our DCC Dice sets contain all the dice an individual adventurer needs to play a game. And, with so many themes and color-combinations available (even glow-in-the-dark!), every player can have their own distinctive style.

DCC RPG Dice – Eldritch Ruin Fragments
DCC Glow Dice – Lawful Wizard
Dungeon Crawl Classics – Maned Wyrm Dice
DCC RPG Dice – The Wizard Van’s Stellar Stowaways
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Sezrekan’s Sanguivorous Solids
DCC RPG Dice – Vello’s Crystalized Creations

But maybe you need more than one set of dice — maybe you’re buying for a whole group. Our half-pound randomized assortment packs would make a solid start for the Judge or game master looking to build up a communal pool of dice — and our two-pound bag will ensure that, from now on, every game night is at your place!

Half Pound of Dice
WILD Dice Half-Pound Random Assortment
DCC Dice Two Pound Random Assortment

Impact! dice are some of the finest in the business, and one glance at these sets shows what an impact they can make!

Prismatic Spray Unleashed Arcana Dice Set
Mind Spike Unleashed Arcana Dice Set
Vampiric Touch Unleashed Arcana Dice Set

But what of the Multi-Color Dice of Unusual Size? Once thought an unlikely myth, this super-sized set not only exists, but is a jumbo tube of everything you need when venturing forth on a big (!) adventure.

Multi-Color Dice of Unusual Size Super Sized Set

From the Weird West to the Radiated Wasteland — our Third Party Products line includes signature sets like Weird Frontiers: Dead Ned’s Knucklebones and Sarcasm Series’ Poisoned Skulls, sure to stand out on every table top.

Weird Frontiers Dice: Dead Ned’s Knucklebones
Sarcasm Series Dice – Poisoned Skulls

And don’t forget our Weird Dice Trays, a great way to reference your dice chain from d3 to d30, plus d100. Excellent aid for running games at conventions for new players, available in many colors.

Weird Dice Tray Dice Organizer

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