Accepting Nominations for the 2022 Goodie Awards

For several years Goodman Games has given out our annual accolade, the Goodie Award.

It recognizes judges who have gone above and beyond during their games, as well as tournament judges with exceptional game stats. It’s also been given to members of the community who have done a great service to the world at large, or the Goodman Games community and fans. Basically, it’s a sign of doing good. That’s what getting a Goodie is all about.

It’s something that we are proud to give out to all the deserving recipients each year. And we can only do this with your help.

Do you know of someone in the community who has done something great this year? Tell us about it! We are now accepting nominations for the Goodie Awards, to be given out at a live event on Twitch in early November.

If you have a nomination, email us at and tell us about the person you feel deserves a Goodie Award and why. We want to know about the judges and fans who deserve special recognition.

And we’ll keep you updated on when we’ll be giving out this year’s awards!

Author: pandabrett

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