Great Deal On A Lot of DCC Adventures

We can never remember…is it quality over quantity or the other way around? Well, in this case, it doesn’t matter, because you are getting BOTH!

Right now at the Bundle of Holding site, there are TWO DCC RPG Bundles available for a limited time. And between them, you can grab 15 releases for an amazing price.

We start off with the return of the DCC Essentials Bundle. For just $14.95 you get all four titles (retail value $51) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete 506-page DCC RPG Core Rulebook, the Gen Con tournament module The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying, the introductory funnel adventure Sailors on the Starless Sea, and the DCC Judge’s Screen. It’s everything you need to start your journey into the Dungeon Crawl Classics world!

And if you are ready to take the next step, for just $9.95 you get all five modules in the companion DCC: Chaos Rising offer’s Low-Level Collection (retail value $50) as DRM-free ebooks, including the zero-level “funnel” campaign kickoff Accursed Heart of the World Ender, the 1st-level convention adventure Well of the Worm, and three level-2 modules: Inn At Five Points, Blood for the Serpent King, and Dread on Demon Crown Hill.

And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold price of $30.12, you’ll level up and also get this offer’s entire Higher-Level Collection with six more adventures and sourcebooks worth an additional $85, including the eponymous Chaos Rising, an anthology of seven modules for character levels 1-5; the Empire of the East campaign sourcebook based on the post-apocalyptic fantasy novels of Fred Saberhagen; and four modules for character levels 4-6, including The Dread God Al-Khazadar and the Agharta sequence: Journey to the Center of Aereth, Lost City of Barako, and Lairs of Lost Agharta.

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) for these two Dungeon Crawl Classics offers will be donated to our designated charity, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. It’s the same charity we’ve used in the past for our bundles, and with your help, we’ve been able to make donations of $1700, $3700, and even $7000—and we hope to reach those same levels with this campaign!

So not only do you get a great deal, you’re doing a great deal of good.

But like all offers at Bundle of Holding, these will only be around for a short time! So act now and grab these amazing bargains at a fantastic price, and help us do some good for the community.

Author: pandabrett

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