PDF Preview of the Time-Lost Citadel

Terra A.D. is a difficult place to survive. Imagine what life must be like on Mars.

The Time-Lost CItadel is the new adventure and campaign setting for Mutant Crawl Classics from the folks at Dandyline Games that takes your PCs to a whole new world.

What does Mars hold for your characters, and for all of Terra A.D.? Find out in the pages of The Time-Lost Citadel.

The Time-Lost Citadel – Print + PDF

Your seekers are transported across space to the Red Planet, where they must stop a Martian plot to subjugate Terra!

Your seekers have been drawn through a space-gate to the seemingly desolate wastes of the Red Planet. But the sanguine sands of this ancient world haven’t forgotten their masters. A distant Martian temple seems to hold the key to the dreams that lured you here and the fate of an ancient Terran army. 

Survive this inhospitable world. Explore alien ruins. Fight against the mercurial Martians. Rescue your friends. Unite the factions that fringe this broken civilization.  

But more than anything, find a way back home!

This 128-page sword & planet adventure can be played as a sequel to The Seekers of the Un-K’Nown or as a free-standing adventure.

Author: pandabrett

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