2021 Yearbook At The Printer

The 2021 Goodman Games Yearbook is at the printer!

The latest volume in the series contains a look back at everything that made 2021 a great year! After coming out of the “Year That Shall Not Be Named” we saw some great growth in areas, and a partial return to “normalcy” and the like.

And it’s not just a fond remembrance. We’ve got new adventures, new monsters, and much moreā€”for both DCC RPG and 5E! It’s a celebration of the year, and great new material all wrapped up in a single book. Did we mention more magical mustache material? Because that’s there, too. Check out the table of contents to see what to expect!

Yes, we are aware it is halfway through 2022. We actually wanted to get this to you much sooner, but a backlog in printing has led to delays, and we don’t think that shipping for pre-orders will happen until October. We apologize for the delay, but we want to make the best possible product possible and that includes the printing quality. We thank you for your patience.

And it’s not too late to pre-order your own copy! Just head over to our online store and reserve your copy today! We’ll have a wrap-up of 2021 to you before the end of 2022! It’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

Author: pandabrett

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