Watch Dark Tower Played Live!

Watch playthroughs of Dark Tower for both DCC and 5e!

With the OAR #7 Dark Tower kickstarter set to break all records, it’s only fitting that we share some live play action from this updated classic during the campaign. Our friends at Twenty Sides to Every Story have been busy doing exactly that, bravely tackling this perilous dungeon in both its DCC and 5e incarnations!

Check out the first sessions from both the 5e and DCC versions of Dark Tower in the videos below, and have a look a little further down for the schedule of the dates and times of the next four liveplays. And if you miss the live playthroughs, head on over to the Twenty Sides to Every Story Youtube Channel to watch the rerun!

Of course, be sure to take full advantage of the amazing stretch goals, extras, and add-ons as part of the Dark Tower kickstarter while it lasts because, once it’s over, there are no reruns!

Dark Tower: Secrets of the Sphinx 5e playthrough (part 1)

Dark Tower: Secrets of the Sphinx DCC playthrough (part 1)

And be sure to catch the liveplay sessions of this ongoing Dark Tower saga on the Twenty Sides to Every Story Twitch Channel on upcoming Sundays (5e) and Fridays (DCC) — consult the schedule below for dates and times.

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