Free Cyclops Con Sticker With Orders

Romance fills the air! Everywhere we look around the offices, all we can see is love! So much so that we’re sharing it with everyone who orders a print product from our online store!

While supplies last, we’ll be adding a free sticker to your order to celebrate Romance of the Cyclops Con, the online convention happening this weekend. The sticker will be automatically added to your cart from now until the end of the con. You don’t need to do anything but enjoy the awesome sticker (pictured below) heading your way.

This offer only applies to print orders only and does not apply to preorders.

And be sure to sign up to play during Romance of the Cyclops Con, happening from May 13-15 online. You can also tune in for Saturday Night at the Cy-Bar on Twitch and Saturday Night Social Hour at our online venue, The Inn of the Slumbering Drake! And don’t forget to pre-order your Romance of the Cyclops Con T-shirt to wear long after the con is over!

Romance of the Cyclops Con is happening this weekend! We love that you love our conventions, and we’re spreading the love to each order with a lovely sticker! Don’t you love it?

Author: pandabrett

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