Pre-Registration Open for Judges and Volunteers at Romance of the Cyclops Con

Early Ticket Sales available for all RoTCC Judges and Volunteers!

Romance of the Cyclops Con, running from May 13-15, will be another online Goodman Games convention featuring wall-to-wall gaming, innovative virtual interactions from fans, dealers, and artists, and plenty of events and programs to keep you busy for three days solid.

Everyone participating in Romance of the Cyclops Con, all the Judges and Volunteers that make our virtual conventions a success, are now eligible for pre-registration for events. Simply head on over to the TableTop Events page and grab the tickets for the events and games you wish to attend.

Badges are also now available for Romance of the Cyclops Con over at the TableTop Events page, but early ticket sales are for volunteers only.

And remember, we are still open for Events Submissions, and this con is about more than just Dungeon Crawl Classics! It also covers D&D of all editions, as well as versions of DCC (MCC, XCC, DCC Lankhmar, etc.). So be ready to get your game on no matter the rules!

So head over to Romance of the Cyclops Con’s TableTop Events page and get your tickets now!

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