DCC Tome of Adventure Live On Indiegogo!

You folks have shown your love, and driven our latest Indiegogo campaign past the pledge goal in a matter of hours! Thank you so much! And it’s not too late to be a part of the campaign!

Goodman Games has published more than 100 adventures in the Dungeon Crawl Classics series. We are incredibly grateful to the fans who have propelled the line to this milestone. For the first time, after more than 100 installments, we are compiling some DCC adventures into hardcover format!

Now live on Indiegogo is the DCC Tome of Adventure! This new hardcover collection brings the first seven adventures for DCC RPG together under one cover. And speaking of covers, the Tome of Adventure features an all-new cover painting by Doug Kovacs!

This approximately 176-page hardback book includes:

  • Doom of the Savage Kings, first published as DCC #66.5
  • Sailors on the Starless Sea, including the bonus level The Summoning Pits, first published as DCC #67
  • The People of the Pit, including the bonus content The Assassins of the Pit, first published as DCC #68
  • The Emerald Enchanter, including the mini-sequel The Emerald Enchanter Strikes Back, first published as DCC #69
  • The Jewels of the Carnifex, first published as DCC #70
  • The 13th Skull, including the stand-alone adventure The Balance Blade, first published as DCC #71
  • Beyond the Black Gate, first published as DCC #72

This campaign funds the printing of this milestone hardcover, as well as select pieces of new art to complete the title page, table of contents page, and a few other areas. With sufficient interest in this first volume, we anticipate publishing additional hardcover compilations in the future.

Author: pandabrett

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