Reprint Registry: MCC RPG Core Rulebook

Reprint Registry: MCC RPG Core Rulebook

Welcome to the Reprint Registry! This occasional feature documents the reprints of Goodman Games products. Collectors often ask us for detailed printing specs on our many reprinted titles, especially the DCC line. Over the years, some of our out-of-print titles have commanded impressive sums on the secondary market. We’ve been told it is helpful for collectors to have some background on the titles they are collecting or selling.

Some dedicated fans collect all the various printings of their favorite adventures. With each new printing of a book, we typically do a fresh editorial review to catch any remaining typographical errors. We often add new content or interior art of some kind. And we occasionally commission entirely new cover art.

And some editions or printings that are just hard to find. Some cover variants were originally released only for a certain convention or as a pre-order bonus item. Other titles have been translated into foreign languages, and the diehard collectors want to find every version including the translations.

The Reprint Registry will provide some answers on these topics. Up until now, often the only way to get an exact answer was to pin down Joseph Goodman and see what he remembers. In the Reprint Registry, we will start writing down the details for all the fans to read. At least, the details as well as Joseph can remember! In some cases we didn’t keep as clean a record as we should have, so there may be some vague answers, or even some areas where we ask you, the fans, for additional help. As part of compiling this feature, we’ve also found some inconsistencies in our own internal numbering of editions. D’oh! We’ll do the best we can! And now that we have this feature, perhaps future printings will be more ordered.

Our first installment of the Reprint Registry covered the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook, and you can check it out here. Now we’re back with all the details on DCC’s radioactive little cousin, Mutant Crawl Classics. Here are all the printings, their covers, and the particularities of each.

MCC Printings

First Printing

1st printing, hardcover core rulebook. This is the book that started it all! It has the classic “pink” Doug Kovacs cover art. On page 3, the phrase “1st printing” appears next to the credits.

1st printing, green foil cover. This special collector’s edition was offered only as part of the original Kickstarter. The front cover has Stefan Poag’s classic “MCC Demon Skull” printed in green foil.

1st printing, leatherbound edition. This is another special edition from the original Kickstarter, printed in real leather with gold foil.

Slipcase edition (1st printing). The slipcase edition contains the 1st printing, enclosed in a sturdy slipcase with Stefan Poag’s art on the cover.

Second Printing

2nd printing, hardcover core rulebook. The back cover says “Second Printing” at lower left, and the credits page has the phrase “2nd printing.” In this printing, a number of typographical errors were fixed, and there were also updates made to the credits. Several pieces of art were also updated.

2nd printing, retailer red foil edition. As a thank-you to retailers who drove the 2nd printing to sell out so quickly, we printed an exclusive red foil cover edition that was only distributed through hobby retailers.

2nd printing, convention edition. When the 2nd printing was produced, Goodman Games was exhibiting at 40 cons a year. We also printed a convention-exclusive cover for this printing.

Third Printing

3rd printing, hardcover core rulebook. The back cover says “Third Printing” at lower left, and the credits page has the phrase “3rd printing.” The logo on front cover is printed with green foil. The content is generally the same as the 2nd printing except for a few typographical fixes and updated ads and other back matter in the last few pages.

3rd printing, softcover core rulebook. This is identical to the hardcover edition except that the front cover logo is printed in silver foil, and it is bound in softcover.

3rd printing, “Mutant Astronaut” alternate cover. This hardcover edition features an alternate cover by Sanjulian. The interior is identical to the 3rd printing hardcover.

And since all of those great covers don’t just stop with the front of the book, have a look at our MCC Bookshelf 2022 post for the complete array of our shelved MCC editions, spine out.

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