5E Fans, Check Out Our Humble Bundle!

The Fifth Edition Fantasy Book Bundle is off to an amazing start!

This new bundle from Goodman Games contains all 18 of our Fifth Edition Fantasy adventures, including Horror in Blackwood ForestSecrets of Mistcutter IsleCave of the Unknown, and fifteen others. This collection of adventures runs the gamut of levels, with modules for both low and high-level PCs. A dream come true for 5E fans!

Plus, the largest bundle also includes three of our system-neutral books that can be used with any campaign! You get PC Pearls, GM Gems, and The Monster Alphabet included in the top package! All-in-all, there are 22 items totaling $237 worth of books for as little as $18. That’s right, you can grab these at as much as a 90% discount!

Yes, that’s right, a 90% discount

Of course, you can also pay what you want above the price plateau, as your purchase helps support The Global FoodBanking Network! It’s a way to give back to everyone and show the power that gaming can have on the world around us.

So head on over to Humble Bundle and grab this amazing deal while you can! Like everything this amazing, it won’t last too long!

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