A Fallen Star For All for Fantasy Grounds and Four New Third-Party Releases!

Fans of online gaming will be excited to hear that Fantasy Grounds has released their latest adventure conversion for Mutant Crawl Classics, MCC #2: A Fallen Star for All! Plus FOUR new third-party releases have made their way to our online store!

Let’s take a look!

MCC #2: A Fallen Star For All – Module for Fantasy Grounds

A level 1 adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG!

A meteor strike in the taboo crater country opens up a huge chasm in which lies a largely intact city of the Ancient Ones. The resulting land rush to go claim the newly available cache of ancient artifacts draws interested parties from all over Terra A.D., and at the direction of your tribal elders, which includes you and your Seeker team.

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 and higher.

Orcs! A High Octane Adventure!

Orcs! is a high-octane adventure for four to six 3rd level characters, set in Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure. 

Orcs! is a high-octane adventure (duh!) for four to six 3rd level characters, set in Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure. Inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and Snowpiercer, the adventure begins with the PCs on a train, traveling the Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow towards the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire when it is beset by an Orc raid! The group must make their way up to the engine car (or they can just hop off and take their chances out in the open… yeah, good luck with that), battling orcs and their horrible abominations.  

The adventure doesn’t have a map, instead, it uses playing cards to generate the map at random. Each time a GM runs it, not only will the adventure be different based on player decisions, the map itself will be different. Many of the rooms have random events that occur to spice things up even more. It even includes a new Hubris/DCC class, the Gunslinger!

Scions of the Computarchs, 3.0: OHM-13 – Print + PDF

A limited series zine of patron AIs. Issue #3 exposes the android and leader of machines, OHM-13!

OHM-13 is the last version of Omni Humana Model androids produced by Andrithon Scientific. Never put into production and shut down in storage, OHM-13 has returned to consciousness. The nascent artificial being developed quickly and has stylized itself as a leader and thinker for all of machine-kind. Adopting new programing and the moniker of Thinker OHM-13, it searches for technology, resources, and other artificial intelligences to assist with its, and humanity’s, final evolution.

Scions of the Computarchs is a limited series of patron AIs suitable for use in high tech settings like Mutant Crawl Classics RPGCyber Sprawl ClassicsCrawljammerUmericaTerror of the Stratosfiend, and Star Crawl. The third and final issue plots the rise of Thinker OHM-13. Inside is a full patron AI write-up, three OHM-13 patron programs, an appendix that creates artificial bodies for player characters, and a player information handout and campaign notes.

Carnage in the Casino

Adventurers cower at the sight of the casino.

Carnage in the Casino is a 0-level MCC-compatible adventure giving you the high stakes fun of adventuring in an old-world casino. You and your friends are sent into a winner-take-all fight to the finish against your rivals. Players face great risks and great rewards in this place that kills. Can you survive a casino shaped death-trap? Only the brave and crazy should attempt it. There may be danger and glory ahead, but there will certainly be carnage in the casino!

A tight 20 pages of thrills perfect for convention play.

Seekers of the Un-K’Nown

An MCC-styled dungeon crawl inspired by a beloved classic. Can your seekers survive the weird inhabitants of this ancient bunker?

Terror strikes your village!  At night, an unstoppable robot spirits away game and livestock.  Now it has escalated to kidnapping tribe members –including your future mother-in-law.  If you want to keep your love-pledge happy, you best get off your duff and go find the Old Battle Axe…

The first in a line of MCC-compatible adventures by Dandyline Games.  Here we have taken a classic adventure and re-imagined it as part of the irradiated wonderland of a post-apocalyptic world.  All your favorite encounters are there—reskinned with the bizarre trappings of Mutant Crawl Classics.

Characters must brave an ancient compound (designated ‘Quartum-Q”) to neutralize the threat of a smart-metal abductor—but this is no ordinary bunker.  This is the legendary base of futurist Zee L’Gar, and his techno-shogun ally, Rogo Khan. The two live in mythology as defenders of Terra—luminaries of the 2nd Epoch… 

Though little is known of what happened to them and the Quartum-Q base, what is known is that, any seeker lucky enough to find it and get past its defenses, would-be heir to the super-science of the ancients, developed by Zee L’Gar, himself!

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