The DCC Bookshelf 2022

Years ago we showed you the DCC Bookshelf, and talked about the variety of covers that have come out for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook, and we did a follow up in 2020 that showed just how much we added to the total in the meantime. Here’s an update.

It’s truly satisfying to see the all of the different versions swelling to overcome our shelves across the years. Next time we might have to take the picture in panorama!

Here’s the latest look at the DCC Bookshelf, and how gorgeous these volumes look, like the psychedelic spellbook collection of a high-level, wizard-van driving sorcerer. It’s fun to match the spine to the edition — in fact, why not do a little contest covering exactly that . . .

The Full Shelf!

Contest Time!

Moving from left to right in The Full Shelf! picture above (you can click it to see a bigger version!), identify which cover goes with each spine. Simply name the edition or describe the cover for us, no need for links (or pictures), and send your completed spine-cover matchup list to Email 

First 3 correct replies will get a No-Scroll!

And while you’re figuring all that out — I think it’s finally time to go look for a bigger bookshelf . . .

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