The DCC Bookshelf 2020

A couple of years back we showed you the DCC Bookshelf, and talked about the variety of covers that have come out for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook.

It’s amazing how much things change in such a short time.

Here’s the latest look at the DCC Bookshelf, and how smart these books look placed in a row. So check out the pic and see how many variations you are missing.

Oh, and that pic doesn’t even include any of the non-English translations of the book. We’ll cover those versions in an upcoming post.

As a bonus, let’s look at the Mutant Crawl Classics Core Rulebook in a row. Lined up on a shelf, the MCC Bookshelf makes for an attractive display as well.

Who knows what our next cover will be? Only time will tell. We just know that our bookshelf might need to grow.

Author: pandabrett

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