Convention Specials for Empire of the Cyclops Con

One of the best things about Empire of the Cyclops Con will be the live In-Con experience that will have you directly interacting with fans, creators, artists, and vendors. It’s like an in-person con, but virtual, with you using an avatar to explore the map and the world as a whole.

And to keep with that In-Con experience, the vendors for Empire of the Cyclops Con are offering some amazing deals—including Goodman Games! We’ve got a small sample of them here to share with you, but the only way to know them all is to be a part of the con and show up at the Dealer’s Hall on Friday!

Let’s look at some of the deals being offered!

  • DNDElise: $5 off Through the Veil: Treasures of the Feywild (D&D5e) Printed Book and $5 off Through the Veil: Treasures of the Feywild (D&D5e) PDF
  • Impact! Miniatures: Pledge $23 or more for the current Kickstarter and get a free opaque DCC set with your reward – come to the booth and talk to us to verify your backer name to get this offer
  • Raorgen Games: Discounted modules with campaign book or PDF
  • Studio 9 Games: Pre-Order special discount for THE TOWERS OF DR. XILL & THE YEARS BETWEEN.
  • Weird Works: 50% off “BEAST” crewnecks, 50% off Death’s Head Stickers, Empire of the Cyclops Con special stamp set: $25
  • DM Conclave: 50% off discounted modules
  • Goodman Games: 20% off of all items in the online store

And that’s just a sample! The only way to know all the deals is to be there when the con kicks off this Friday! So become a part of the show, and we’ll see you all at the In-Con experience at Empire of the Cyclops Con!

Author: jmcdevitt

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