Experience the Live Online Con at Empire of the Cyclops Con!

The Empire of the Cyclops is not a small thing. It’s a vast, sprawling land where monsters dwell and heroes roam. It’s a place of adventure and camaraderie! It’s the home you’ve been waiting to find…

For Empire of the Cyclops Con, we’re taking your online virtual convention experience one step further! If you’ve been at previous Cyclops Cons you’ve experienced our interactive online world where you create an avatar to wander about and interact with vendors, artists, and other attendees. It started with a Citadel. And then a village.

But now, it’s an Empire.

At Empire of the Cyclops Con, there is now an entire overland realm to explore, complete with many dungeons and caves for attendees to run pickup games! It’s a massive world filled with many locations to visit—and some things that may not yet be mapped.

And some old favorites return! The Citadel of the Cyclops, which was previously showcased at Spawn of Cyclops Con, houses the many vendors and artists in residence. The Inn of the Slumbering Drake is where attendees congregate for our Saturday Night Social (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST on November 6th) and general reverie throughout the con. We welcome visitors old and new to these locations!

Of course, a map would be a wonderful thing to show you—so we shall! Look at the map below, and be sure to download your PDF version of the Empire Map, which also includes a map of the Citadel of the Cyclops and the many people who will be setting up their wares within its halls!

Gather your band of reavers and prepare to explore! The Empire of the Cyclops Con arrives in less than two weeks!

Author: pandabrett

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