Watch the Latest Episode of Feeding The Cyclops!

To confront a Cyclops with blade and bow is one thing — but doing so with just a plate of … Mummydogs?!

Tis the season for horror and our brave hosts Brett and Susan have once again subjected themselves to the horrors of that most peckish of beasts, the Cyclops, to bring you the latest in Goodman Games news. From fresh releases in DCC Horror with It Consumes, the spooky happenings at Gather.Town’s Friday pick up games, a bone-chilling DCC Dice Kickstarter from Impact! Miniatures, to the terrifying news of a charity auction at Empire of the Cyclops Con, our Halloween edition of Feeding the Cyclops is sure to tingle the spine while informing the frontal lobes!

And with Empire of the Cyclops Con only one week away, you’ll not only get the latest in Con-related updates, but Susan and Brett also have details about their upcoming Feeding the Cyclops live stream shows to air during the convention. Let’s hope they remember to bring a snack!

Be sure to check out past episodes of Feeding the Cyclops for Goodman Games news, as well as practical tips on how to protect yourself from giantoids looking for lunch. And head on over to the Goodman Games YouTube Channel to keep up with all the latest happenings!

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