Pickup Games on Gather.Town this Friday Night!

Gather.Town…it’s not just for conventions anymore! The Inn of the Slumbering Drake is back open for business!

This Friday night from 6:00-8:00 p.m. EST, join us at the Inn of the Slumbering Drake on Gather.Town for pickup games of DCC RPG, MCC RPG, and anything else you want to play!

You’ve all seen our Gather.Town maps at previous online cons, and now we’re creating a space simply for everyone to hang out at on Friday night—and there will be enough DCC fans there that gaming is sure to break out!

So join us, won’t you? It’s going to be a night of socializing, gaming, and all-around fun! We’ll see you soon at The Inn of the Slumbering Drake!

Look for the link to be posted Friday night. Mark your calendar and come game with us!

Author: pandabrett

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