New in the Online Store: Blackout in Crater Valley

Return to a time and place with no internet, synth-pop pervaded the airwaves, and where VHS was king. That’s right…we’re taking you to the ’80s!

Blackout in Crater Valley is the new supplement and 0-level adventure for DCC RPG that crafts the world of the 1980s in all its shoulder-padded glory and throws in some supernatural horror for good measure.

Let’s take a look!

Blackout in Crater Valley – Print + PDF

A VHS-era Slasher RPG for DCC RPG! Can your band of 1980’s misfits survive the horrors of Crater Valley?

It’s Halloween night, 198X and an evil from beyond death has returned to haunt this otherwise boring small town, can your band of 1980’s misfits survive the horrors threatening Crater Valley? Find out in this new zero-level funnel where you will utilize a unique character creation process to put together a crew of 80’s movie-style heroes who will face otherworldly terrors as they try to rescue their friend and save their town!

This 34-page module has everything you need to run a one-off adventure or longer campaign. 

Author: pandabrett

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