New In The Online Store: Cryptocodex for DCC and MCC

It’s ‘Talk like Jack Vance Week’ all this week at Goodman Games in honor of DCC Dying Earth! As our kickstarter approaches its final week we’re kicking things into linguistic overdrive with a week-long celebration of the stylishly unique language of Jack Vance.

Once more we discover ourselves in the purview of neoteric tomes fit for your own native campaign.

The Cryptocodex is an 80+ page, digest-sized pandectical bestiary of aberrations, genetic by-blows, phenomenological freaks, and monsters of unusual composition codified for the purpose of enriching your apocalyptic aftermath style role-playing game. Featuring creatures both benign and malevolent, Cryptocodex’s panoply of faunactical wonders is readily integratable into any Dungeons Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics setting.


Cryptocodex – Print + PDF

Cryptocodex is an 80+ page dossier containing over 50 new critters – both benign and malevolent – to enhance your apocalyptic aftermath roleplaying game.

Designed to integrate easily into any Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics setting, this book brings monsters from the minds of Ian McGarty, Jayson ‘Rocky” Gardner, Tristen Green, and Skeeter Green. Featuring artwork from Wonkee, Ed Bickford, Ala Fedorova, and Johnathan Bingham, let these creatures loose in your game today!

Cryptocodex is designed for use with DCC RPG and MCC RPG. It is a digest-sized softcover.

Author: pandabrett

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