Howard Andrew Jones Interviewed by Rogues in the House Podcast

Is that a murderous pre-human simian all dressed up in a fancy scarlet cloak, or are you just glad for another Rogues in the House podcast? The Skull is pleased to announce that one of his deadliest minions, the ink-fingered sword-flasher Howard Andrew Jones, sword-and-sorcery author and Editor-in-Chief of Tales From the Magician’s Skull, made a guest appearance for the latest freewheeling discussion among the rogues. You are hereby commanded to check it out.

Rogues in the House podcast is a program after our own heart, and a quick glance at the topics of their 30+ episodes should be enough to whet the appetite of any old school adventure fantasy fan. Howard shares both his editorial and authorial perspective on the ongoing sword-and-sorcery scene, with particular focus on Tales From the Magician’s Skull.

Pop over and take a listen to it today!

Author: pandabrett

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