When We Were Young: Warehouse Yeti Edition

Harken back to the days of yore when a bag of polyhedrals was a purse of jewels, graph paper had nothing to do with math class, and character record sheets were filled out with more care than a W-2. Yes, the good old days, a time when many of us found our lifelong passion for gaming.

In today’s reflection backward, we get a glimpse at Keith LaBaw, our own Warehouse Yeti, during a childhood trip to Mesa Verde National Park. The park protects some of the best-preserved Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites in the United States and is the perfect breeding ground for a fertile mind.

Trips of this sort are perfect for exciting the imagination and helping create a future of fantasy and wonder. Visiting these historic ruins was surely an inspiration not just for the Yeti’s own youthful D&D adventures, but also perhaps his future employment. In any case, we’re happy to have the Yeti on our team, and we love seeing this glimpse into his childhood.

Author: pandabrett

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