Dungeons of Yesteryear: From The Warehouse Yeti

Welcome back to Dungeons of Yesteryear!

When you were a kid, did you have a binder full of D&D maps that you drew yourself? And ruled paper with dungeon keys, that in retrospect may not adhere to any sensible rules of dungeon ecology?

Yeah, you weren’t the only one. Us, too.

In Dungeons of Yesteryear, we open up our own notebooks and show you some of OUR old dungeons. We’re hoping they conjure up as many good memories for you as they do for us. Let’s compare notes on dungeon keys, encounter choice, and, of course, whether that demon lord just hangs out in area 2-2 waiting until adventurers wander by for a light snack.

This time around we’ve got some artifacts from our Warehouse Yeti, Keith LaBaw! Did you ever wonder why a Yeti would make his lair in the arid desert wastes? To better preserve his ancient maps of course…

Graph paper always gives that perfect 10′ by 10′ dungeon corridor experience, but using it for a 3D effect is taking things to the next level. That courtyard is just begging for a freewheeling melee, though I’m not sure how close you’d want to get to the obelisk.

For all those dungeon crawlers that don’t think they should be keeping a party map themselves as they plunge into the depths, this one will have you wishing you’d left behind a trail of bread (or iron ration) crumbs.

Ancient pile resting atop the sinister lair of a Green Dragon — who needs a maze when you spit barrels-full of acid? With a technique usually reserved for the glossy interior pages of a Fantasy Atlas, our Yeti depicts the Fortress of the Mad King as an exterior three-quarters landscape juxtaposed with overhead dungeon schematics. Practical and attractive!

Do YOU have a Dungeon of Yesteryear that you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to see it. Please send it to us at info@goodman-games.com. Perhaps your trip down memory lane will take you right into a Dungeon of Yesteryear.

Author: billward

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