Create Wish Lists in Our Online Store!

Found something you want to buy on our site, but the timing is just not right? We can help you remember…

Introducing the Goodman Games Wishlist, an easy way to keep track of the products you love and want to purchase from our online store. Now you can add items to a running wishlist on our site so that you can revisit them and add them to the cart at the appropriate time.

The process is simple. On each item page, there is a small heart and text right below the “Add to Cart” button that reads simply “Add to Wishlist.” Click on it, and the product is now in your own personal wishlist. Note: you do need to be logged into your Goodman Games account for this service to work.

And even better, you can share your wishlist with others! Go to your wishlist page—linked in the “My Account” pulldown on our online store—and use one of the social media icons to share publicly, or you can email the list privately to whomever you choose!

So head on over to the online store and give it a try! We hope you find all your wishes coming true, very soon!

Author: pandabrett

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