Goodman Games Announces Dark Tower for 5E and DCC

We here at Goodman Games love bringing the classic adventures of tabletop’s formative era to the contemporary RPGers of today. In fact, we’ve just recently announced our latest classic conversion project at Gary Con, during the “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar, but we couldn’t wait to share a little bit more with you.

So step back in time with us to 1980 and have a crawl through the only non-TSR module to ever make Dungeon Magazine’s cut as one of ‘the greatest D&D modules of all time:’ Dark Tower. Goodman Games has acquired Dark Tower from the Judges’ Guild, and will republish it in fully converted 5E and DCC RPG editions later this year. Director of Product Development Chris Doyle will lead the conversion to 5E, and original Dark Tower creator Jennell Jaquays will be included in design work on the new edition. The new edition will feature new cover art by Sanjulian.

Dark Tower is a beloved adventure module and rightly hailed as a classic. It was originally designed for name level parties, and the 5E conversion will be balanced for characters of levels 8-12. The DCC conversion will also be for higher level characters. We will post additional information as the project continues!

New Cover from Sanjulian

More About Dark Tower:

Situated in the Redmoon Pass, on a once popular trade route between bustling cities, was a hermitage for devote followers of Mitra. It eventually developed into first Mitraic temple, complete with an ornate, bleached White Tower. In addition to its good-aligned followers, celestials were soon attracted to the stronghold and bolstered the ranks of Good. But such a bastion of goodness soon gained the attention of the vile god Set, ancient sworn enemy of Mitra. In the inky darkness of a moonless night, a massive black tower was conjured with deific might, crushing most of the village. The ranks of Set’s faithful hordes poured forth and delivered savage carnage on the devotees of Mitra and innocents alike. The very earth roiled in disgust at the bloodshed and destruction wrought by the forces of evil, triggering landslides and burying the towers, village and the battleground.

The shunned site was not ignored for long, as treasure-seekers and down-trodden freebooters arrived hoping to stake a claim on a treasure from a bygone era. Soon a ramshackle hamlet arose to support the explorations aptly named Mitra’s Fist. Even the church of Mitra re-established a presence with a shrine to keep an eye on any religious relics that might be unearthed. Yet it took a century of excavating and exploration to finally uncover the ancient site. But only because something was digging upward, as the explorers tunneled down. And that something unleashed a horrible curse on the land that has clung to it for centuries.

Jennell Jaquays’ Classic Cover

Does your group of heroes dare to investigate the origin of this divine curse and become embroiled in a struggle between the minions of good and evil? Underneath the cellars of Mitra’s Fist, you will find staunch allies and wondrous artifacts to aid the crusade against the Dark. But you will also find the servants of the dark god Set still lurking in forlorn chambers, strange adversaries stalking the shunned halls, and the undying infesting the forgotten tunnels. All are more than willing to play their role to tear down the factions of Good and their allies.

This book will be a fully updated homage to the adventure Dark Tower, crafted by Jennell Jaquays and originally published by the Judges Guild in 1979. Herein you will find high-quality scans of the original first edition adventure module, plus commentary by tabletop role playing gaming legends and luminaries. Included will be a full fifth edition conversion of all four dungeon levels, along with the White Tower of Mitra and the Dark Tower of Set, plus the Village of Mitra’s Fist. This fully converted adventure also includes fresh material adding new wilderness encounters, expanding the Village of Mitra’s Fist, and providing DCC and 5E updates of non-player characters, magic items, monsters, and spells. An entire mega-dungeon forming a mini-campaign with many hours of classic-style old school adventure! Untold riches, ultimate power, undying glory and gruesome death can all be found in Dark Tower!

Be sure to keep your eyes on all of the upcoming releases from Goodman Games on our Future Releases page!

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