Spawn of Cyclops Con Twitch Schedule

We’ve got a ton of shows that will be airing this weekend during Spawn of Cyclops Con! Plan ahead to be a part of the fun as they air live on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel.

Let’s look at the schedule!

Friday, February 26

11:00 am EST – Spawn of Cyclops Con Opening Ceremonies

Join Joseph Goodman and the Goodman Gang for the opening ceremonies of Spawn of Cyclops Con! The main attraction for this show will be us unveiling how the “convention floor” will work. We are utilizing new technology to allow you to actually BE in the con – and we’ll demonstrate it live at the opening ceremonies. Plus the Cyclops himself will stop by, we’ll talk about some of the con highlights, and more!

12:00 pm EST – Xcrawl Live!

Xcrawl Live! featuring You Can’t Do That In Xcrawl, Brendan LaSalle’s as-of-yet unpublished ode to Canadian kids television. Join us as we take 4 Xcrawlers through the zaniest dungeon DJ Slime Time could create!

5:00 pm EST – Original Adventures Reincarnated

“Lost in the jungle, the adventurers stumble upon a band of hunters. Will they fight through, or meet their doom on the Isle of Dread?” Join Judge Mica and his band of merry adventurers in an Original Adventure Rencarnated! The classic X1: Isle of Dread!

8:00 pm EST – Spawn of Cyclops Con Society Page

Judge Jeff is shrinking himself down and entering the matrix! Join him as he walks around the virtual vendor hall harassing folks! No, let’s say interviewing. Yeah, that’s it. He’s interviewing folks.

9:00 pm EST – Goodman Games Charity Auction

Join host and auctioneer Jim Kitchen at our first online auction! You’ll find all sorts of one-of-a-kind and special items from the Goodman Vault which you can bid on real-time during the show! Come and bid on some great items and help us raise money for the Franklin Food Bank

Saturday, February 27

10:00 am EST – Behind the Scenes with Skull & Friends

The exalted Skull, lord of all things sword & sorcery, has sent a selection of his minions and interns to satiate the mortal desire for sword & sorcery discussion while they breathlessly await issue #6 of his magazine of superlative greatness. Join Chief Editorial Minion and interns #12, 34, and 657 to learn more about the ongoing open call for sword & sorcery fiction, tips and tricks for writing great fiction, and just a good discussion of what books we’ve been reading. Intern #78 will fill in if any other interns meet their demise prior to screen time.

12:00 pm EST – Crypt of the Devil Lich LIVE!

Crypt of the Devil Lich is coming! And here’s your chance to interview some of the designers who were involved with this wretched PC slaying dungeon!

2:00 pm EST – DCC College

Join the gang of fantastic (and some infamous) DCC judges to hear tips and suggestions on how to be a better judge! Glowburn Audio Wizard Hector Cruz will be the MC, supported by acclaimed judges from several interdimensional realms!

3:00 pm EST – The Heart of Vaeninus in the Funnel of Love

In this special Valentine’s Day-themed adventure, the winners of the “Love in the Age of Gongfarmers” contest play a group of adventurers who discover that an offended god has replaced the cleric Valentinus’s heart with a child’s stuffed bear. Interpreting the abstruse inspirational messages bleated out by macabre mechanical bear, the PC’s find themselves struggling to collect the items necessary to satiate a capricious god’s whims and restore Valentinus’s human heart. Written and judged by Stephen Newton as a special Spawn of Cyclops Con event.

7:00 pm EST – Spawn of Cyclops Con Society Page

He’s back at it! Jeff Goad once agains shrinks himself down and enters the matrix! He’ll be wandering about, finding hapless victims—er, fans, yeah, he’ll be interviewing fans.

8:00 pm EST – Saturday Night Cy-Bar

Remember going outta town for a conventions and hanging out at the hotel bar with your friends, well Brendan and his guests are bringing it back (or at least the best they can)! Come hangout with us at the Saturday Night Cy-bar and lets talk about some nerdy stuff!

Sunday, February 28

11:00 am EST – Running RPGs on Fantasy Grounds

Join Judge Garner for Fifth Edition Fantasy #11: The Archmage’s Hideout. Garner will not only be showcasing a great Goodman Games 5th edition adventure but also the cool mechanics offered in Fantasy Grounds!

3:00 pm EST – Talking TSR

In Episode 14 of Talking TSR Chris Doyle & Rick Maffei will be taking a deep dive in the legendary Tomb of Horrors as well as Goodman Games’ new deadly dungeon The Crypt of the Devil Lich.

5:00 pm EST – Order of Shan(n)a Seminar

Join Judge Joan and many other women who run DCC and they discuss how they started playing and what urged them to begin game mastering! The Judges will be also be taking questions for the audience on how they can start Judging themselves!

8:00 pm EST – Slave Lords Tournament Broadcast

Join Harley Stroh and Jen Brinkman for the third and final round of the DCC RPG solo tournament. Root for your favorite gladiator as six brave souls battle for freedom, and join in the game as the foul Aghartan Overlords! When lumbering giants and leathern man-bats press from above, and the wine-dark seas rise below, only the most cunning and courageous of warriors will survive. Friendships will crumble and alliances will be broken as the reavers fight to escape The Slave Pits of Lost Agharta

10:00 pm EST – Spawn of Cyclops Con Closing Ceremonies

Closeout a great con with Joseph Goodman and the Goodman Gang. We’ll start by talking about some of the highlights! And to finish, we’ll raffle off autographed adventures! Who knows what might happen in the middle?

Be sure to check out all of those great events! And don’t forget to visit all of our recent streams on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

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