Featured Events at Spawn of Cyclops Con

We’re only three weeks out from Spawn of Cyclops Con! As the excitement rises, we want to take the time to point out some of the special games that are headed your way.

Spawn of Cyclops Con event tickets have gone on sale, but we have plenty of events still open! Here is just a sampling of events you can currently buy tickets to attend!

Premiere Events

These are events run by our pro Judges and Authors!

Harley Stroh is running DCC RPG Solo Tournament: Slave Pits of Lost Agharta! The winners of the first round will advance and be placed in the second round events on Saturday. The winners from those events will then be placed in the third round on Sunday. You can find the full list of Harley’s DCC RPG Solo Tournament events here

Chris Doyle will be running a Super Secret 5E Playtest: Big Boss Battle. Join Chris in the this playtest of a final Big Boss encounter using a webcam and Dwarvenforge Terrain.

Road Reaver Events

These are events run by our road team of experienced judges!

Cory Gahsman will be running Crimson Ooze Contagion. The villagers of Mossy Hollow have begun to mutate into inhuman, mindless cannibals! Surely the alchemist Chandorn, who lives in the horned pyramid on the other side of Fogmoss Marsh, is to blame. Set out with your comrades in arms, through the swamp, to get the answers you need to save your village.

Stefan Suratt will be running Raiders on a Ruthless Ridge. You were on your way west when the wagon caravan burnt last night. Most folk were taken or killed. Tracks lead up into the hills you tried to steer clear of due to rumors of the vile folk up in them hills. It’s time for some frontier justice. Go save your kinfolk!

William Keller will be running To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. Something strange is happening in the village of Biven’s Rest after the sun goes down.

Sean Smith will be running Masscre Square Garden. An Xcrawl Classics legacy event! Start your Xcrawl careers play-testing a new living campaign rules system . Masasacre Square Garden is a play-test for lvl 1 Xcrawlers using the Xcrawl Classics Beta Rules. Pre-gen characters will be provided, and new players are welcome. Come play with the author of this adventure.

Find all of these events and more on our Spawn of Cyclops Con schedule here!

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