Announcing Crypt of the Devil Lich for 5E and DCC!

An ancient prophecy sends your heroes into the crypt of the Devil Lich. They must destroy her, before she can return to power. Once inside, your heroes face horrors that could only be dreamt of by a mad half-drow half-fiend lich!

Coming soon to Kickstarter! Crypt of the Devil Lich is the most vicious dungeon crawl since Tomb of Horrors. Created in homage to this classic with the goal of providing an even greater challenge, Crypt of the Devil Lich became an instant legend when it was first run as a tournament dungeon crawl. More than 15 years after its original Gen Con debut, we’re pleased to announce that it will finally see print again!

The Kickstarter will fund publication of Crypt of the Devil Lich in two formats: a D&D 5E edition, and a DCC RPG edition. Perhaps the most cherished dungeon crawl ever published by Goodman Games, Crypt of the Devil Lich has been completely updated and converted to new rules sets. It’s ready for your table: are your players ready for it?

Featuring new cover art by Sanjulian, this new hardcover conversion has been brought into the 5E rules set by original lead designer Chris Doyle, and converted to DCC RPG rules by Bob Brinkman.

Look for more details to be announced soon!

Author: pandabrett

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