Featured Events for Spawn of Cyclops Con!

Spawn of Cyclops Con is right around the corner! We’ve had you submitting events for a little while now—and that includes the Premiere Judge events. So, with event tickets coming available for sale at noon on Friday, Jan 29, we thought we’d point out a few of the highlights from the events schedule.

Here is just a sampling of our events to whet your appetite!

First up, Harley Stroh is coordinating a tournament!

Look for the events titled DCC RPG Solo Tournament: Slave Pits of Lost Agharta, and sign up for the first round! The winners of the first round will advance and be placed in the second round events on Saturday. The winners from those events will then placed in the third round on Sunday.

You can find the list of Harley’s Tournament events here

Doug Kovacs, artist and judge, will have a seminar with Stefan Poag – a mostly informal discussion about Art and whatever else the artists want to talk about. 

He will also be running several events here.

Premiere Events

These are just a few of the events run by our pro Judges and Authors!

Chris Doyle will be running a Super Secret 5E Playtest: Big Boss Battle.

Join Chris in this playtest of a final Big Boss encounter using a webcam and Dwarvenforge Terrain.

Julian Bernick will be running The Lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals.

The lighthouse has gone out! It is up to you to uncover the mystery and see what has befallen the residents at the lighthouse at Shipbreaker Shoals. This is a playtest for a new adventure by Anne Hunter with additional writing by Stephen Newton!

Jon Wilson will be running the 4th Level DCC Adventure by Ken St. Andre and SS Crompton –  Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer

After years of searching, Grimtooth has found the final resting place of his father, who was killed by the elves. No Troll may enter the tomb, but that won’t stop you from retrieving the mystic warhammer, will it?

Michael Curtis will be running a playtest of To Free the King of Elfland.

This adventure takes you into Faerie to discover what became of the King of Elfland. Can you restore him to his throne and defeat the machinations of the Unseelie Court and its nefarious queen? 

Road Reaver Events

These are just a few of the events run by our road team of experienced judges!

Tim Deschene will be running The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant.

A mysterious gravity-defying tower of frigid sanguine construction suddenly appears! Ancient texts and divinations reveal that it has been gone for two millennia, but can they be trusted?

Stefan Surratt will run the level 2 Dark Trails playtest The Brimstone Cradle!

The adventure has the characters traveling on Christmas Eve and finding themselves trapped in a cabin. A powerful demon wants a newborn baby and the PCs must protect it until the crack of dawn. Santa may make an appearance too! 

Lance Hodge will be running the level 0 funnel Bane of the Ancients.

When an infectious horde starts ravaging the land, a bold party of adventurers agrees to travel deep into the Slouismo Fen, where legend has it an ancient temple in the center of a dead lake holds a powerful relic known only as the “Bane of the Ancients.”

And Joan Troyer will be running The Heist of the Royal Jewels.

This Level 1 DCC RPG was written for the Gong Farmer’s Almanac 2018, and is set in early 1900 Anglend. The Royal Jewels come up missing and the Keystone cops are having a hard time locating them. Or are they part of the heist? As adventurers, you find yourselves wanting to know what happened.

So make your plans now! These events—and all the rest—are opening up for registration tomorrow at noon! Find all of these events and more on our Spawn of Cyclops Con schedule here!

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