Road Crew Still Live! Keep Running Games!

The Year That Shall Not Be Named is gone! And we look forward towards new horizons and new potential! The new season of The Road Crew is soon at hand!

If you are a member of our Road Crew (and if you are running any public games of DCC/MCC/anything Goodman, you should be!), just because the date has changed does NOT mean that you should be holding off on running games. True, we have not yet announced the details of the 2021 season of the Road Crew promotion, but your games are already important! 

The “game count” reset on January 1, so you should be submitting back at game 1 from now on. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any cool swag—once we announce the 2021 Road Crew we can catch you up on any swag you’ve missed. 

So let’s get this year kicked off the right way: by running lots of games! The online gaming community is huge right now! We want you to be running Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Xcrawl Classics, DCC Lankhmar, and all the rest! They all count and will get you on the road to getting your swag.

The details on the 2021 Road Crew are coming! Be ahead of the curve when the details show up!

Author: pandabrett

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