Best Selling DCC RPG Third Party Supplements of 2020

Top DCC Third Party Publisher Products, 2020

As we look back on 2020, it’s always great to track the trends and see what’s popular in our online store. In looking specifically at our Third Party releases (leaving aside ‘zines for now — they are the subject for another day) we can get a clear look at what DCC fans have been clamoring to get over the last year.

Our rankings are based on a combination of total sales, and dollar sales. All of our “big books,” like hardbacks, tend to score higher because they are at a higher price point. But when you just look at copies sold, you get a few different titles floating to the top. Therefore, our ‘Top 10 List’ is actually comprised of thirteen products this time around, since we combine total dollar sales with total numbers sold to come up with the best list possible.

So, without further ado, here are the top third-party best-sellers for the last year…

#1 Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2019

Not only was the 2019 edition of Gongfarmer’s Almanac our top seller, but previous year’s editions all placed very highly as well, so we are lumping them all together here.

Written, illustrated, edited and produced by the DCC RPG G+ community, this yearly almanac collects the entire year of the ‘zine, and is absolutely chock full of new adventures, artifacts, patrons, monsters — well, everything, really.

#2 Star Crawl

Ready to escape the shackles of terrestrial campaigns? Star Crawl is here to take your games across the cosmos! This full-size perfect bound book is packed to the gills with useful rules and tools for sci-fi gaming in the DCC style!

#3 Hubris

Hubris is a weird fantasy setting that uses the awesome Dungeon Crawl Classics rules. And Hubris is hackable. Each territory can be used as the GM wills. Need a desert, swamp, or frozen tundra for your game? Use what’s in Hubris. Available in both hardcover and softcover format.

#4 DCC RPG Reference Booklet

A reference booklet with all the commonly-used charts from the DCC RPG. Features new cover art by Doug Kovacs and interior illustrations by Stefan Poag.

#5 Weird Dice Tray

This custom dice tray is perfect for the complete dice chain used in DCC RPG! Each Weird Dice Tray is 3D printed for use with DCC. The tray has a spot for every die from d3 to d30, plus d100. This is an excellent aid for running games at conventions for new players, or as a quick organization tool for any player.

#6 Umerican Survival Guide (both cover variants)

A gonzo post-apocalyptic campaign setting and sourcebook based on the articles of Crawling Under a Broken Moon. It includes a wealth of information to bring this mutant-filled world to life, and is available in two different covers: Chase and Delve

#7 Dark Trails (Bootleg Edition)

The Dark Trails RPG is a standalone Weird West role-playing game influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and folklore pulled from all over the world. The game offers a new take on the genre with a rule set based upon and compatible with the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG published by Goodman Games.

#8 Crypt of the Science Wizard

Crypt of the Science-Wizard is a 1st-level adventure designed for use with the DCC and MCC RPGs in which the players explore the lost crypt of the great wizard — or possibly robe-clad AI — Kersete.

#9 House of the Red Doors (limited edition cover)

The House of the Red Doors is a challenging 0-level adventure for one player and one judge. Three rounds of puzzles with seven different endings await the brave souls that enter the moveable mansion’s threshold. A dreamland-like setting allows for ease of use in nearly any genre. This adventure can quickly create a 1st level adventurer for an ongoing campaign, test a player’s wits, or be run as a tournament.

#10 Angels, Daemons, and Beings in Between Vol. 2

Angels, Daemons and Beings Between Volume 2: Elfland Edition unleashes the hidden patrons of Elfland. From fey barbarians and vagabond thieves to vile demons and alien vegetation, this tome shines light on 14 new patrons of distinct fey character. With accompanying spells, spellburn, patron taints and the rituals required to commune with these patrons. This volume is a must for your campaign’s elves… and wizards, of course!

#11 Star Crawl: Threen Station Zero

You’ve got a lead on an intact space station from a long-dead race. Its contents could be incredibly valuable- or incredibly deadly! This is the first standalone adventure module for Star Crawl, intended for a party of 2nd level characters.

#12 Star Crawl: Electric Friends

You’ve been hired to scavenge a long-forgotten robot factory and failure is not an option! This is the second standalone adventure module for Star Crawl, intended for a party of 3rd level characters.

#13 Zero Level Character Micro Sheets

Each pack contains 50 Zero Level Character Sheets – enough for two or more Funnel adventures!

Concise tracking for all the short-lived peasants your players chew through! Each resealable packet holds 50 cards, so you can run multiple funnels and then conveniently store the unused cards for future mayhem.

After all those great third party titles, be sure to check out 2020’s ‘zine scene in the Best Selling DCC ‘Zines of 2020 for a look at the other side of the coin.

Or maybe you really want to try your hand at creating something for DCC or MCC? If so, check out our post on how to be a third party publisher.

And this is just a small sample of what is available. We’ve got a ton of great product from other folks on our site, and we encourage you to check out everything from all of our Third Party Publishers!

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