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Star Crawl: Threen Station Zero – Print + PDF


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Star Crawl – Print + PDF

Star Crawl: Electric Friends – Print + PDF

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The first adventure module for Star Crawl!

You’ve got a lead on an intact space station from a long-dead race. Its contents could be incredibly valuable- or incredibly deadly!

This is the first standalone adventure module for Star Crawl, intended for a party of 2nd level characters.

Threen Station Zero’s 48 black & white, zine-sized pages include:

  • A complete self-contained adventure designed for Star Crawl but ready to drop into your DCC or MCC games.
  • Pre-generated characters & ship stats to get you right into the action!
  • Bonus Star Crawl content: tables for generating random alien features!

While this adventure is compatible with any game system, Star Crawl is designed for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics RPGs.

Check out a PDF preview of Star Crawl: Threen Station Zero!

Published by: Tuesday Night Fiend Club

Written by: Jonathan Snodgrass
Art by: Jonathan Snodgrass, Dave 8cylinder

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