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The roars of the betrayed Dark Lords shake the foundations of hell. The Grand Architect of Evil is enraged. Satan shakes his chains and the whole of hell shakes with him...

It’s like Dungeon Crawl Classics meets Hieronymus Bosch & Mad Max in HELL. We’re referring to Doug Kovacs’ Inferno Road, which has returned in a new printing entitled Inferno Road: Plague Edition!

If you have experienced Inferno Road at one of the various Cons over the past years, you already have a feeling for the insanity inside this book. But if you tap into the minds of Doug Kovacs and Wayne Snyder, don’t expect to come back unchanged!

This is gonzo gaming at its most extreme, so buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life.

Inferno Road: Plague Edition is a 44-page book with a color cover, B&W interior, and more art upgraded from the original ashcan version. In addition, you’ll find a color spinner poster with new art by Stefan Poag and 4 more bonus pages of additional charts and Inferno Road weapons with new art from Steve Gomez.

And you can only get this book on the Aleph Null Publishing page! So head on over to their website and grab a copy today!

Author: pandabrett

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