Announcing DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos

We’re officially turning 100…and we love the way that it looks!

Of course, we’re referencing DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos, the newest module for Dungeon Crawl Classics. We’ve been talking about this module for a while, but now we’ve got details for you.

Let’s start with the cover by Doug Kovacs.

DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos will be a boxed set adventure, that contains one of the most complex and intricate dungeon designs ever. The adventure contains multiple spinning wheel maps that truly change the way the dungeon is played.

To give you all the details, we invite you to watch the What’s New With Goodman Games video from Bride of Cyclops Con that is on our YouTube channel. On it, author Harley Stroh provides an in-depth description of the dungeon and the spinning wheel mechanism that changes everything in the adventure. The conversation with Harley begins at the 1:34:00 mark.

And here is the description from the back cover of the boxed set:

Eons past, a brotherhood of mad philosopher-kings marched an army of slaves into the heart of a mountain. On their backs, they bore a legendary treasure-hoard: coffers spilling over with blazing gems, strongboxes bright with gold, and the jeweled idols of a thousand gods. They were never seen again.

Today the gleaming domes at the top of the world have fallen to the passage of time and the crush of glaciers. Once-imperious halls are coated with dust and ice; memories of the fabled treasure hoard – and the heretical Theophages – are lost to antiquity.

But deep within the heart of the mountain, the flames of Chaos sputter and flare. 

Now the legacy of the God Eaters is drawing to a close. With each thunderous turn of the Alembic Key, meteors streak the sky and prophets fling themselves from the turrets of high towers. In the alleys and the palaces, all know that the hour of the dragon will soon be at hand.

Can you and your companions master the mysteries of the God Eaters in time? Or – like so many others before – will you succumb to the Music of the Spheres?

Look for DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos to arrive in mid-to-late 2021. And expect more info as the project evolves.

Author: pandabrett

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