Zoom With a Live Store Hireling Today!

Remember the days of conventions? Where you could walk up to a booth and ask a friendly Goodman Games hireling to answer a few questions about all the neat stuff that was sitting there on the tables?

Yeah, we do too. And we want to replicate that as best we can in an online environment. We couldn’t be at Gary Con this year, but in honor of Virtual Gary Con Autumn Revel we’re doing our best to have an online booth for you today!

That’s why sometimes you can Ask A Hireling! We’ll have a rep on Zoom ready to take your questions and give you the answer. He can even suggest a module or tell you why Into the Borderlands is such a thick volume.

And as for the booth…well, we’ve got an entire online store of booth available to you! Just about everything that we’ve published is available there in one form or another, so it’s a great way to grab something on the go.

The booth is now closed! We gave the hireling the rest of the weekend off, but we’ll be back open sometime soon. Keep checking with us for the latest hours.

Author: pandabrett

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