Art Gallery From OAR #4: The Lost City

One of the things that we have always loved about the old TSR modules is the artwork. The evocative pen-and-ink work that helped to bring the adventure to life in a classic manner.

When we set out to update The Lost City to fifth edition rules for our Original Adventures Reincarnated line, we wanted to bring the classic module to the modern game, but still maintain the aesthetic of the original work.

OAR #4: The Lost City contains high-quality scans of the original Basic edition adventure module, plus commentary by a variety of gaming luminaries. This includes an interview with Harold Johnson, the module’s original developer. This is the perfect setting for a fully playable fifth edition mini-campaign, starting at 1st level and reaching all the way up to 7th level or beyond.

And now we want to share some of the artwork, both from the original module and some of what we created for Original Adventures Reincarnated. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Author: jmcdevitt

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