5E Open Call Coming Soon

5E Open Call Coming Soon

Goodman Games, your source for adventures, is looking to expand its 5E product line in 2021 and beyond. To accomplish that, we need reliable, professional, 5E-savvy contributors. Familiarity with old school RPGs is also desirable, as that style fits the theme of our product line. We are looking for:

  • 5E content writers
  • 5E content editors
  • 5E playtesting groups

For now, this post is to alert you that the open call is coming in about a month. Full details of the Goodman Games 5E Open Call will go live on Goodman Games website in late October. In that post, we will provide all the details and how to respond to the open call. The Open Call will be open for 3 weeks. 

Although by no means required, Goodman Games is hosting a one-hour 5E Open Call Seminar at Bride of Cyclops Con on Friday, October 16th at 8:00 pm EST. Prospective respondents to the open call are encouraged to attend this seminar for additional information on the details and process of the open call. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions to the Goodman Games 5E Design Team during the seminar. The 5E Design Team might even reveal a few tips and tricks to attendees! 

This is an excellent opportunity to professionally contribute to the role-playing game industry. The Goodman Games 5E Team looks forward to reviewing your submissions and creating partnerships with several quality respondents to create exciting 5E content in the future.

Author: pandabrett

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