DCC Battle Royale: The Slave Pits of Lost Agharta

If you play DCC RPG, you know Harley Stroh. His adventures are a thing of legend. He’s created some of the best and most celebrated modules in our company’s history.

And if you go to Gen Con, you ALSO know Harley Stroh. Years ago he invented the Gen Con funnel tournament. After that he invented the Gen Con spell duel tournament. Now, for Bride of Cyclops Con, Harley brings you his latest convention challenge: The DCC Battle Royale!

In this amazing new format, up to 30—yes, THIRTY—players compete at the same time in the same event. What’s it about? Well…

Wrenched from a dozen different realities, you and your newfound companions battle for survival against fellow slaves for the amusement of elephantine overlords! Pit your brawn, cruelty, and cunning against fellow slaves, alien beasts and wicked traps, in a desperate bid for survival as the rising wine-dark seas drive you ever onward! 

Check out the map below to get a hint of what to expect!

Harley himself wanted to point out a few things about the game. Namely…

  • You can loot corpses of slain foes and prior victims 
  • Spear your buddies with a ballista or scald them with oil from toppled braziers 
  • Topple statues
  • Interact with giant weird crystals 
  • Meanwhile, the brackish waters are rising forcing you up up up!

Find out what it’s all about at Bride of Cyclops Con. And you can sign up to be a part of it right now! Event registration is open, sign up while spaces remain!

We’ll see you in the Battle Royale arena at Bride of Cyclops Con!

Author: pandabrett

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