Bride of Cyclops Con in October!

It’s alive…ALIVE!

We had a blast putting together our last two online events—Cyclops Con and DCC Days Online—where we got to share our passion for gaming with everyone in the world. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we’re doing it again.

We are proud to announce Bride of Cyclops Con!

Bride of Cyclops Con will be online everywhere October 16-18, 2020. And this convention will feature not only Dungeon Crawl Classics, but also Dungeons and Dragons, and every other game that you can associate with Goodman Games. We’re talking DCC, MCC, XCC, DCC Lankhmar, D&D, and maybe even some of the others that you don’t think about as much—we’re looking at you, Metamorphosis Alpha, DragonMech, Dinosaur Crawl Classics, and others!

Once more, we’re inviting you to participate in not just playing, but also running events for the convention. So start thinking and prepping for what is going to be a monstrous event come October!

Here’s the current schedule for Bride of Cyclops Con:

  • August 17: Event submission opens
  • September 4: Event schedule posted
  • September 6: Badge sales start
  • September 17: BoCC Event Pre-Registration for Volunteers and Judges
  • September 20: Event registration opens
  • October 16-18: Bride of Cyclops Con!

We’ve wheeled the gurney into the sky and the lightning has struck! It’s time to experience what we’ve created. So make plans to be there for…Bride of Cyclops Con!

Author: pandabrett

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