Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day!

Whether you are a gaming dad or someone who has a dad that loves to roll some dice, Father’s Day is a great chance to share the love of the hobby and grab some special gifts.

If you’re wondering what to get your dad today, check out our selection of high-end leather bound and foil books. Imagine them sitting in their wood-clad den, in their huge wingback chair, calmly flipping through their fantastic leather tome. Or maybe just sitting at a table with a bunch of friends rolling dice. Either way, they’re great gifts for a deserving dad.

Leather Bound Editions
Limited Edition Variants

And if you ARE a dad, check out this article with advice from Harley Stroh on running DCC RPG for Kids. It’s great advice on passing the love of gaming on to the next generation.

However you choose to celebrate, make sure that share it with the dad of your choice.

Author: pandabrett

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