Save 20% on DCC #97: The Queen of Elfland’s Son with Blades Against Bandwidth!

Tonight is the next installment of our new Twitch show Blades Against Bandwidth, where Judge Brendan leads his DCC group through an ongoing series of DCC adventures. The group is playing DCC #97: The Queen of Elfland’s Son, where they will have to investigate the threats in the dark, and face the Unseelie court. While they’re playing this adventure, you can save 20% when you buy it! Use code DCC97discount for a 20% discount on the print or PDF edition.

Strange attacks in the night plague the people of Eng. Slaughter and shadows keep the villagers inside after dark. Mighty adventurers are needed to seek out the source of these threats and stop them for good.

This quest will take the heroes to the very borders of Elfland and pit them against the cruelty of the Unseelie Court of Faerie. Will the heroes overcome the machinations of the Queen of Elfland or will they fall victim to the glamours and wiles of Elfland’s malicious nobility?

It’s a great adventure—and if you don’t believe us, watch the live play that will air later tonight, or check out last week’s session to see the conclusion of DCC #81: The One Who Watches From Below!

Blades Against Bandwidth airs tonight at 6:00 pm EST on the Goodman Games Twitch channel!

Author: susiemurph

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