Keep Crawlin’ with Mike and Brendan Debuts Tonight on Twitch!

Sometimes you just need to talk about stuff. Good thing that we’ve got no shortage of people wanting to talk.

Join us tonight on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel for the debut of Keep Crawlin’ with Brendan and Mike…or maybe Keep Crawlin’ with Mike and Brendan. I guess it depends on who has the mic first for each show.

In any case, these two will be chatting LIVE about all things gaming, and you can be sure that means there will be a ton of Dungeon Crawl Classics material as a part of the conversation.

We hope to see you on Twitch tonight!

8:00 pm EST, Wednesday, May 20

Keep Crawlin’ with Brendan and Mike

Hosts: Brendan LaSalle and Mike Curtis

There ain’t no party like a basement party! Ugly shag rugs, wood paneling on the walls, beanbag chairs, and Michael Curtis and Brendan LaSalle talking about game design, game judging, and anything else that crosses their sunlight-deprived minds. It’s like the Goodman Games Twitch Channel’s very own a cable public access talk show!

Watch the debut of Keep Crawlin’ with Mike and Brendan TONIGHT at 8:00 pm EST for an hour of entertainment and RPG education streaming live on Twitch.

Author: pandabrett

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