Watch Cyclops Con Live on Twitch Tonight!


The first-ever convention created and run by Goodman Games beings online TONIGHT. It’s time for CYCLOPS CON! And we’re kicking things off with two great games from two of our luminaries.

Let’s look at tonight’s schedule!

7:00 pm EST

Mutant Crawl Classics: Home for the Holideath

Host: Julian Bernick

For generations, two tribes have exchanged gifts at a given time each winter to renew the bonds of their peoples. But now their presents have been stolen! The Seekers are sent on an urgent mission to recapture the gifts before their ancient treaty is undone. To do this, they will have to venture to a place of bloodcurdling horrors, mysterious symbols, wondrous artifacts and twisted technologies. And once inside this ancient place of splendors, they’ll face the greatest challenge of all: returning home alive!

In addition to being the scribe behind the adventure he’s running tonight, host Julian Bernick has written the Free RPG Day adventures for the last couple years, and has also written an adventure for upcoming DCC Dying Earth line, among many others. Julian is an ace Judge, and is a great choice to kick off Cyclops Con for Goodman Games.

11:00 pm EST

Dungeon Crawl Classics Horror: The Corpse That Love Built

Host: Stephen Newton

The town of Portnelle is living in a state of fear. Several citizens have been abducted—some never to been seen again, while others are found as corpses, often with missing limbs.

When a senile town priest warns that he’s received a vision that the geriatric recluse Dr. Lotrin Von Geisterblut is behind the abductions, there are many who do not believe the accusations. However, when the town is set upon by wicked fiends foretold in his vision, attitudes quickly change, and swords are raised. Perhaps it’s time to storm the castle after all…

Once again, we have the author of the adventure running it for fans tonight! Host Stephen Newton is a master of the macabre, and has written several of the DCC Horror adventures. Stephen is also the force behind Thick Skull Adventures (one of our third-party publishers) and has produced tons of material for Goodman Games over the years.

You can watch both of these games as they stream live on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel LIVE tonight!

And you can plan your whole weekend by checking out our Twitch coverage for the entire weekend!

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