Cyclops Con Is This Weekend!

We’re getting close! Cyclops Con begins Friday!

Cyclops Con is three days of Goodman Games unlike anything ever before. This online convention focuses on everything that Goodman publishes, from Dungeon Crawl Classics, DCC Lankhmar, Mutant Crawl Classics, and much more—including licensed products like Xcrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, and 5E!

Below is the final list of events, both Seminars and Games in a single list! So if you are looking for the Goodman Games folks, here’s where you can find them! All of the events below will stream on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel throughout the weekend.

Event TypeTitle of EventJudge/HostStreaming Starts
(EST time zone)

GameMutant Crawl Classics: Home for the HolideathJulian BernickFriday, 7:00 PM
GameDungeon Crawl Classics Horror: The Corpse That Love BuiltStephen NewtonFriday, 11:00 PM
GameDungeon Crawl Classics: Lost in the BriarsBrendan LaSalleSaturday, 11:00 AM
GameXcrawl Classics: New Year’s EvilBrendan LaSalleSaturday, 3:00 PM
SeminarHow to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t SuckJoe Goodman, Brendan LaSalle, Marc Bruner, Terry Olson, Chris DoyleSaturday, 7:00 PM
SeminarThe Appendix N Trivia HourJeff GoadSaturday, 8:00 PM
SeminarTop 10 TSR Adventure ModulesChris DoyleSaturday, 10:00 PM
GameDungeon Crawl Classics: The Greatest Thieves in LankhmarHarley StrohSaturday, 11:00 PM
GameDungeon Crawl Classics Dying EarthBob BrinkmanSunday, 3:00 AM
GameDungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar: The Fence’s Fortuitous FollyDaniel BishopSunday, 7:00 AM
GameD&D 5E: Beneath The KeepChris DoyleSunday, 11:00 AM
SeminarAsk Me Anything – Harley StrohHarley StrohSunday, 2:00 PM
SeminarDCC CollegeJen Brinkman and friendsSunday, 3:00 PM
SeminarAsk Me Anything – Brendan LaSalleBrendan LaSalleSunday, 4:00 PM
SeminarWhat’s New With Goodman GamesJoseph GoodmanSunday, 5:00 PM
Game(Starts 6:15) World Premiere of DCC Lankhmar #11: Rats of IlthmarTerry OlsonSunday, 6:15 PM
SeminarAsk Me Anything – Joseph GoodmanJoseph GoodmanSunday, 10:00 PM
GameDCC Lankhmar: The City of Sevenscore Thousand and One SmokesJen BrinkmanSunday, 11:00 PM

All of the game events listed above are sold out, but there are over 200 games scheduled for Cyclops Con! And some of those events still have space, so it’s not too late to get on board!

All of the Seminar events are open to everyone!

Badges are now available for purchase, and you can register for events once you purchase a badge! A badge is $5.00.

Once you buy a badge, you can register for events! Most RPG events are $4.00. Premiere RPG events run by name-level judges are $8.00. Seminars are free and for the most part, will be streamed on Twitch at our channel GoodmanGamesOfficial.

Cyclops Con has already been a huge success thanks to you, the Goodman Games fans. We can’t wait to see all of you online rolling dice and fighting monsters. We’ll see you this weekend!

Author: pandabrett

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