Doug Kovacs Returns To The Drain Chamber!

It’s the third trip to the magical place known as The Drain Chamber! One of the stalwarts of Goodman Games, Mr. Doug Kovacs, is back with the third volume of his sketchbook series!

The Drain Chamber Vol. III provides more insight into Doug’s personal approach to art, and the process he uses on a daily basis. Not only can you see some of the preliminary sketches for his DCC RPG work, but also some of the personal commissions that Doug has done. This is the only place that you can see some of this material. And you can only get this book at Doug’s site,!

Here’s the description from Doug’s site:

Signed, full color, limited print run of 100. Includes both sketches from commissioned work (lots of Dungeon Crawl Classics) and personal projects, including many cats from the year in which Doug drew a cat every day.

Act now while you still can! Like the description says, this is limited to only 100 copies—and there are far fewer than that left!

Author: pandabrett

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