New on Fantasy Grounds: Fifth Edition Fantasy #4: War-Lock

The Goodman presence on Fantasy Grounds keeps getting larger! And if you are a fan of the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy role-playing game, then you will be happy to hear about our newest release.

War-Lock is a 5th Level adventure written by Michael Curtis that challenges players to find a way to stop an immortal warlord before he can conquer your lands.

From the back of the module:

Devilish sorcery and ancient steel merge in the form of a reborn menace rising in the wild hills on civilization’s verge. As the badlands burn with wildfire, an arcane warlord gathers his monstrous troops under his tattered banner. He is rumored to be immortal, and it will take tremendous bravery, immense cunning, and more than a little luck for stalwart adventurers to end his campaign of malice. Can your mighty heroes locate the War-lock’s one weakness before his forces drown the realm in blood and fire?

And don’t forget the rest of the Goodman Games library at Fantasy Grounds. Whether you want to play D&D 5E or DCC RPG, we’ve got the material to make your online game more fun than ever before!

Look for War-Lock at Fantasy Grounds today!

Author: pandabrett

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