Pre-Order New DCC Horror Modules Now!

It’s a scary concept, but one we think you’ll find boo-tiful.

At Gen Con, in our What’s New With Goodman Games seminar, we announced our new DCC Horror adventure series. Similar to our Halloween modules, these modules will bring frightening adventure to your game, but will not be reliant upon a holiday for release! We’ll be bringing these to you year-round! In addition, we’ll be reprinting and rebranding the previous Halloween releases to join up with the DCC Horror line-up.  

The first two DCC Horror adventures are now available for pre-order and will be shipped by early October, giving you plenty of time to prep for your Halloween game. One will sew up your attention, while another might be a bit creepy.

Let’s take a look!

A level 0 funnel adventure for DCC RPG.

The first new release in the series is Creep, Skrag, Creep, a level 0 adventure by “Spooky” Stephen Newton.

The ship is adrift and a crew is dead. When the passengers of the Star of Nostro awaken, drugged and bound, and discover the crew is missing, a desperate race for survival begins. The vessel was meant to transport your group of humble villagers to a brighter future. It is now a coffin ship filled with mysterious deaths, dark plots, and a stalking horror that will not stop until it has feasted on every last soul.

Will your characters’ ingenuity be quick enough to find a means to survive, or will you too fall victim to what creeps in the shadows?

A level 6 adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

In addition, we have reprinted and rebranded The Sinister Sutures of the Sempstress, originally published in 2016. Now at 8.5”x11” size with several new illustrations and brand new cover art.

Mother was wrong: There are monsters in the closet.

Terror seeks out the adventurers in the safety of their own homes, drawing them into a tailored web of vengeance long-deferred. Torn from their beds, the PCs find themselves trapped in the House of Tattered Remnants, the home and prison of an eldritch entity known only as The Sempstress. The adventurers must overcome patchwork horrors, unearthly craftsmen, and even the unraveling of their own realities if they hope to defeat the Sempstress in her lair and escape the House. Or will they be unmade by The Sempstress’ evil?

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